Russell Wetanson, the Celebrity Legal Expert, Can Show You The Ups and Downs of Celebrity Law

There are an abundance of television programs, journals and blogs about movie stars, celebrity rumors, information about stars, etc. So at this point I feel it’s important to have an angle; to have something slightly different to say which keeps the subject interesting. And this is why I wanted to write a sort-of fan article about Russell Wetanson, pop culture law expert and founder of “Popsquire” blog.

1 Russell has been educated in law. He has represented extremely high profile Hollywood celebrities like Madonna, for example. As a television personality, he’s spoken with some people you might recognize – such as Beyonce, Kate Hudson, and Matthew McConaughey. So all that training and experience combines to form something unique. You will find that his viewpoints on entertainment and celebrities will be quite different from the norm. His knowledge of law and specifically entertainment law adds something different; especially when you consider how many legal matters exist in the entertainment industry. This makes for endless, and definitely entertaining, blog fodder, articles and interviews. can you imagine thinking like a lawyer and also like someone in the entertainment industry? I can’t. it’s truly amazing to see how Russell synthesizes these two viewpoints into something workable and fun.

2 He focuses on the controversial, legal or potentially legal, hollywood news. Actually, I have no interest in their love lives or what people wear to various events. The thing that interests me is the darker and more controversial topic. Miss California VS Perez Hilton-INTERESTING. Paris Hilton’s testimony in court-INTERESTING. And Michael Jackson? The fun NEVER ends with that one.

3 Lighten Up. magazines or blogs take a really serious approach to the legal goings on among celebrities. And that tends to affect people’s views of the individuals about whom they’re talking. It’s not that serious, though. It is known as the entertainment industry because it is meant to entertain us. And Mister Wetanson remembers this. His tv interviews and articles are always light, comical and entertaining, even if dramatic. Yes it’s news. But it’s fun news. And it’s unserious. And that’s good. I could watch the local news for seriousness.

4 General level of awesome. How’s this for a skill set: Law, fluent spanish, broadcast journalism-featured on NBC, Fox News, E, TV Guide network and HLN, MSN, NBC4, Current TV, Si TV and Yahoo Newsprint, print journalism, scuba diving, yoga, voiceover, commercial, blogging, pop culture trivia and white water rafting. How can you not love someone with that combination of skills? Not possible. Really, there is nothing else to it.

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